Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blast From the Past

Rome, Italy: "The Ancient City." Famous for its history and incredible architecture, Rome is one of the coolest places I've visited. It is located in the central area of the Italian peninsula. It is the country's largest and most populated city, as it is home to over 2.7 million people and is about 500 square miles. I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful city in December of 2008.

As Rome is very well known, I'm sure most people know the main attractions to stop and see. It's hard to say what my favorite thing I saw was because it was all so amazing. The Coliseum was unbelievable. It's massive and has so much detail and history. It was seriously incredible. The Pantheon was constructed really well so that was cool to see! Walking up to the top of the Spanish Steps was definitely worth it. It was a view of the city unlike any other. The Trevi Fountain was way bigger than I expected and had such stunning detail as well. The Catacombs were awesome. I'm really into that kind of stuff so it was exciting for me to be able to wander around underground. Not to mention, the scenery above ground was astounding. So open and green; it was absolutely beautiful.

I love Italian food so it was great being able to taste authentic Italian food. The pizza was delicious and so fresh! Of course, there's gelato. I'd had gelato in the states before but nothing compares. Italian gelato truly is amazing; so much better than what we have here.

Wandering around Rome was a blast. Although I loved it, I'm not sure it's a place I'd like to go again. I will probably go once when I have a family of my own, but it's one of those places that I don't see changing anytime soon so I feel like I've seen it all already. It's definitely a place everyone should visit once in their life though, especially if you're into history and art!


  1. Although I've never been to Rome, I have been to Northern Italy and I would have to say its probably just as amazing! I would go back in a heart beat to visit. There is a ton of fresh seafood they always serve (which is good if you like that sort of thing) just don't order the marinara risotto, it's not like our red marinara sauce here it's squidy as in marine sea marinara! I've had a few semesters of learning the Italian language and you'd think maybe I would have known... apparently I didn't! However you speak truth about the gelato, which yes is food from the gods it is so good! If your ever in Europe and you pass a Grom Gelateria don't hesitate to go in, it is the best Gelato anywhere!

  2. Kenzie, I visited Rome two summers ago and I thought it was a very beautiful city full of passion for life, and romance. I have to say my personal favorite spot in Rome was the vatican, I thought it had such a powerful feeling inside and outside. I can't wait to go back especially to get me some of that delicious gelato!!!

  3. Rome looks so beautiful! I love the photographs you've included.